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AMP Superannuation Funds

AMP Superannuation Funds has 160 years of experience helping Australians manage their wealth, offering a number of retail and corporate superannuation products in Australia.


AMP super funds offer products for both employees and employers seeking superannuation funds. They offer a simple application process which can be completed either online or over the phone.


AMP Super also offers no hassle online transacting. AMP’s online service, My portfolio, gives you the ability to update your account details, make transactions, view your statements and read important correspondence. You can access your account and investment information online. AMP will send all correspondence to you electronically via My portfolio or email when possible.

AMP Superannuation Funds

AMP Superannuation Funds offers a number of products people can use to save for retirement. They include:

  • AMP Flexible Super
  • AMP Flexible Lifetime® - Super (no longer taking new applications)
  • AMP CustomSuper®
  • AMP SignatureSuper®
  • AMP SuperLeader®
  • AMP Retirement Savings Account

AMP Flexible Lifetime Super

This product is no longer accepting new applications for both personal and new employer-sponsored applications. If you are an existing client this change does not affect your account - you can continue to transact and make changes to your existing account (including adding new supporting employers to your account) as you do today. Existing employer sponsors can also continue to transact and make changes to their Flexible Lifetime - Super plan including adding new employees.

AMP Superannuation Fund Investment Options

AMP Superannuation Funds offer straightforward investment options. Investment options will differ from product to product.

AMP Super Funds that are now closed

A closed product is one that is closed to new investors, however, existing customers can continue to transact and invest in their plan.

  • AMPAK Investment Plan
  • AMPAK Personal Superannuation Plan
  • Capital Secure Deferred Annuity
  • Childrens Investment Linked Insurance Bond
  • Childrens Investment Linked Plan
  • Childrens Investment Linked Plan
  • Childrens Portfolio Plan
  • Conventional – Childrens Endowment
  • Conventional - Endowment
  • Conventional - Whole of Life
  • Flexible Lifetime super
  • IL MultiFund Trustee Bond
  • Investment Account Deferred Annuity
  • Investment Account Insurance Bond
  • Investment Account Superannuation Bond
  • Investment Linked Bond
  • Investment Linked Deferred Annuity
  • Investment Linked Insurance Bond
  • Investment Linked Personal Superannuation Plan
  • Investment Linked Plan
  • Investment Linked Superannuation Plan
  • MultiFund Rollover Deferred Annuity
  • MultiFund Super Bond
  • Personal Achiever
  • Personal Investment Plan
  • Personal Superannuation Plan
  • Portfolio Plan
  • Protected Growth Deferred Annuity
  • Super Rollover Plan Investment Linked Deferred Annuity
  • Super Rollover Plan Personal Superannuation Bond

Source: 2010, AMP Flexible Lifetime® - Super Easy PDS 2009